Artist Statement 

My research and scholarship of creative work focuses on material explorations broadly centered on clay and specifically around porcelain. My work is influenced by the complexity of memory and bodily experience through habitual, sensual, and erotic connectivity. A sensitivity to clay and ceramic objects serves to inform and intensifies the way I approach properties of other materials and objects. Body and object collide and expand in both lived and imagined space. My aim is to find moments of shift, slippage and compression through corporeal and conceptual relationships. With common craft and construction materials and processes, I create forms that are as playful and curious, as they are subversive. Porcelain, plaster, plywood, plastics, insulation foam, and yarn often mingle in forms that move beyond the aggregate of materials. These new forms originate from their material histories and depart into the imaginative space of the viewer.

Clay is imbued with rich and varied histories with ceramic objects residing in the background of everyday life. Our relationships to clay and ceramic objects, though often overlooked, are deeply seeded in a history of movement and display through utility and ornament. Ceramics has the advantage of already being there; it just needs to be seen and enacted. It is this perpetuity of emergence and connection to the body and materiality from which my practice is centered, expands and returns.